Would you like to enrol at UCLouvain?

You can find all the information you need (how to apply, registration fees, documents required, etc.) on the official website of the University ! You'll also be able to register via this site, using online applications only.

We would simply like to draw your attention to a few points:

Deadlines to be met

The general deadline for registrations changes from this year 2022-2023: you must register before 30 SEPTEMBER.

There is still a late registration procedure, but only for exceptional reasons (between 30 September and 15 February).

For some international students, you'll probably need to take more steps and apply well in advance! Depending on your precise situation, the deadline is 30 April (for applicants with a degree awarded abroad and requiring a visa) or 31 August (for applicants with a degree awarded abroad and not requiring a visa).

If you need an equivalent diploma, you need to go through the appropriate department and that takes time too.

Please note that any changes to your registration must also be made within these deadlines.

​For more details: consult the enrolment calendar.

Change of registration

For first-year baccalaureate holders: you can change your enrolment until 30 October! This change is not considered as a reorientation! You can also do this by applying online.

For all others : you can change your registration until 30 September.

Payment of the advance payment and the minerval

Your enrolment will only be considered regular if you pay the deposit (before 31 October).

The remainder of the minerval must be paid by 1 February at the latest (or risk not being able to follow the course or sit the exams).


If you are stopping your studies, you must take active steps to inform the university. Your request to withdraw your registration must be made before 30 November:

  • pay only the €50 deposit and be reimbursed for the minerval
  • that this year doesn't count in your career

The form is available here.  

If you cancel your registration before you have paid the deposit, i.e. before 31 October, you will not have to pay anything. The specific form is available here

From 1 December, if you decide to stop your studies, no fees will be refunded and your enrolment will be counted as part of your course. However, you can fill in a form to confirm that you have stopped studying and register as a jobseeker, for example.

The form is available here.  


Are you thinking of re-enrolling in higher education and wondering whether you'll be eligible for funding next year? What should you do if your application is rejected because you are not eligible for funding?

The AGL is here to help!

Below you will find :

  • Applicable legal and regulatory provisions
  • A simplified version of the conditions so that you can better understand and calculate your financeability
  • Solutions in the event of non-financiability

Old rules of fundability

You can register up to twice for the same course of study (Bachelor/Master) without your results being taken into account..

From your 3rd enrolment in this cycle (or 4th, if you are changing direction), you must take into account the number of credits you have acquired to know if you are still eligible for funding.

  • Firstly, you must have acquired at least 75% of the credits that were enrolled in your programme the previous year.

  • If this is not the case, you must have acquired 50% of the total number of credits in your three programmes combined and you must have acquired at least 45 credits over your three years.

  • If you have not reached the 75% threshold over 1 year, or the 50% threshold over 3 years, you can remain eligible for funding if you reorientate yourself, provided that you have not already reorientated yourself in the last 5 years.

Please note: there may be exceptions to the various rules set out above, particularly in the case of relief.

New rules of fundability

1st cycle: 

  • To have acquired/valued the credits of at least 1 UE from the UEs in the first block: At the end of 1 year in the cycle

  • The first 60 credits of the first block have been acquired/upgraded: At the end of 2 years in the cycle

  • Acquire/upgrade 120 cycle credits: At the end of 4 years in the cycle

  • ​To have acquired/valued the totality of the credits of the course: At the end of 5 years in the cycle

2nd cycle:

  • To have acquired/upgraded 60 credits from the course (including additional credits, where applicable): At the end of 2 years in the cycle

  • The first 120 credits of the cycle must have been acquired or validated: At the end of 4 years in the cycle

  • To have acquired/valued the totality of the credits of the course: At the end of 6 years in the cycle

However, there are certain exceptions to these conditions:

  • In the event of reorientation: + 1 year to meet the academic requirements (! This exception applies only once for the duration of the cycle concerned)

  • In case of reduction: + 1/2 year per year of reduction

  • If you enrol in veterinary science, acquire at least 45 credits at the end of your 1st enrolment and do not obtain an attestation of access to the rest of the programme: + 1 year

  • In the event of successful completion of the entire previous PAE: no application of academic conditions

  • In the event of a break of at least 5 years: no application of academic conditions

  • In the case of additional entry requirements (e.g. gateway): + 1 year if additional requirements of maximum 30 credits; + 2 years if additional requirements between 31 and 60 credits.

In 2022-2023 and 2023-2024, some students will be subject to the old system and others to the new one. 

How do you know which regime you're under? 

New regime 

  • you started your higher education studies from 2022-2023

  • you have returned to higher education from 2022-2023 after a break of at least 5 years

  • you have moved on from one study cycle to another, EXCEPT if you still have residual bachelor's credits (BAMA students)

  • you have enrolled on a new course after completing another course. 

Old regime 

You're under the old regime if you don't fit into any of the above categories.

By 2024-2025, all students will be subject to the new funding rules.

If you are still unclear, our legal advisor is here to answer your questions and help you with the calculations and the various steps involved.

You can contact us at this address: recours@aglouvain.be

Please note that the calculation of financeability that you make, or that the AGL helps you to make, is for guidance only.