Housing and SYELLO

Renting a kot often involves a lease specialist and an inexperienced student. Beware of small clauses and practices that are often questionable. David versus Goliath. This is the image that comes to mind when a student has to face his or her landlord if a problem arises in the performance of the kot rental contract. A number of associations and student tenants are organising themselves to redress the balance between the parties to the lease.

Faced with recurring abuses by certain estate agents, Syello, the Louvain-la-Neuve Student Tenants' Union, was re-founded in February 2011. Its aim is to unite students against the injustices they encounter as tenants. There are many examples of this: lack of protection of rental guarantees, inventories of fixtures carried out in the absence of tenants, sometimes very long delays in obtaining repairs, non-compliance with fire and health standards, etc.

Many players share the same concern about housing in Louvain-la-Neuve. The gap between supply and demand has widened in recent years, and the shortage is acute. This situation is leading uncaring landlords to rent out poorly maintained kots at exorbitant prices. Every student has the right to decent accommodation on campus at a reasonable price. Accommodation must remain a vehicle for integration into the social life of the campus and harmonious community life.

Relaying students' fears and expectations

Informing students of their rights and duties as tenants

To offer free legal assistance to students who encounter difficulties with their agencies.

Participate in public debate and political lobbying of agencies and kot owners.

What is SYELLO?


How can I get involved with SYELLO?

Are you interested in housing issues and related regulations? Do you have some time to give to a worthwhile voluntary project as part of a great team? Then you've come to the right place, and we'd love to meet you!

In principle, recruitment takes place once a year, towards the end of Q2 for the following year. Follow us on the networks to find out the exact date. Outside this period, you can contact us by message (Facebook, email, etc.) and we'll see if we can get you on board!

Don't hesitate to join us - Syello can only function if many students get involved!

I'm having a major problem with my landlord. Can you help?

Once a week during the academic year (and outside exam sessions), Syello organises drop-in sessions open to everyone, where you can present your problem and ask for help, free of charge.

Consult the Facebook page of Syello to find out the day, time and place of these meetings! On the day, don't forget to bring all the documents you need to understand your problem (contract, photos, email exchanges, etc.).

Syello is also available to answer your questions and assist you in the event of a dispute, by e-mail.  : syello@aglouvain.be

How do I find accommodation in Louvain-la-Neuve? 

Unfortunately, Syello cannot help you find accommodation, but it can provide you with some useful information. 

There are two main types of accommodation in Louvain-la-neuve:

    1. University accommodation at UCLouvain

​There are different types (studio, shared, with a project, etc). In all cases, the price is favourable and you need to apply in advance.

You can find information on this subject at here

2. Accommodation managed by private individuals and estate agents

​You can find information on the different options here

How can I contact SYELLO?

By mail : syello@aglouvain.be