Appelle Alice !
(Call Alice !)

Have you been sexually abused?

This number will take you free of charge and anonymously to the nearest CPVS (center for the treatment of sexual violence) !

Campus Alma : 02 349 44 22

Meeting point is at the Alma metro stop.


After several testimonies, it was realized that the way in which sexual violence was dealt with was not optimal, particularly in the more serious cases of sexual assault/rape.  Several resources are available to help us understand how to act in such cases, but this is not enough.

What is a CPVS?

A CPVS is a center for the treatment of sexual violence; it can be recommended in cases where the facts are less than 7 days old and where DNA traces could be exploited. A number of CPVSs are currently being set up in various key locations in Belgium.

These centers are specialized in the care of victims, with a multidisciplinary team (forensic nurse, psychologist, doctor, social worker, etc.), the possibility of keeping samples for 6 months if the victim doesn't want to/can't file a complaint on the same day, and a 24-hour on-call service.  Of course, no distinction will be made on the basis of gender or sexual orientation, and everyone who comes to the center will be welcomed, listened to, advised and given all the help they need.


The idea is simple: to set up a free and anonymous hotline between a campus and the nearest CPVS center.

For the time being, this possibility has only been set up on the Woluwé campus, the initiative coming from AGW. The aim, of course, is to ensure that every victim on every campus can be taken safely to the nearest center, whatever the time of day.

All this has been put in place with the help of the Montgomery Police Area and the AGL, which is fully financing the project. The idea is to see the project evolve and not be limited to the Alma campus or the UCLouvain campuses. The idea is above all to show that it is possible to help victims effectively, and we therefore expect the project to evolve and be extended by the various Police Zones and Higher Education establishments.

We also hope to inspire other student representatives to initiate similar projects.

Of course, the main desire is that this project should not be necessary!