Finding a room to study and work

Below you will find a list of auditoriums and rooms at the AGL and UCLouvain available for work and study, throughout the year and during blockades.

Fonctionnalité 1


  • AuditoriumsCoubertin
  • Auditoriums Sud
  • Cyclotron
  • Bibliothèque des sciences et technologie
  • Rosa Luxembourg room (AGL)

List and times of available rooms


  • Bibliothèque de la Santé
  • Séminaires Vecquée
  • Séminaire Martin V

List and times of available rooms


  • Learning Center (room available for hire in 2-hour blocks).
  • Premises 11, 14 et 22.
  • Premises 11, 18, 19 ,24 et 25 (Teamwork).

List and times of available rooms


During exam periods, rooms are available for study or work until closing time. You can make a special request to have a room opened by contacting Vincent Filleul.