Rental of an auditorium for a student activity

​Auditoriums can be reserved for student activities. Reservations can only be made with the auditorium managers of the Service de gestion du patrimoine - Logistique (GPLO).

As soon as you have set the date of your activity and at least 15 calendar days before it takes place, you must complete the formalities requested by the GPLO. You will find more information on the GPLO website by logging on to MyUCL.

However, you should be aware that all bookings are subject to a deposit per room (or hall). There are four main organisations that can guarantee activities, depending on their nature: l'Organe, AGL, the GCL andthe CGEI.

As far as the AGL is concerned, all you have to do is come into our offices during office hours with your booking document, supplied by the GPLO, so that we can seal it for you and get you to sign a liability waiver.