The AGL Council

The student elections set up the AGL Council, made up of 84 councillors, elected representatives from all the faculties and distributed in proportion to the number of students in each faculty. This council is a kind of "student parliament".

It meets at least once a month. These meetings are attended by the councillors, the committee members and any invited guests. However, it is important to note that all UCLouvain students who wish to do so may attend Council meetings.

The Council's first post-election task is to elect the Committee. The Committee is the executive body of the AGL. It organises the day-to-day running of the AGL by following the decisions discussed and decided by the Council.

The Council then decides on the overall direction of the positions defended by student representatives at both academic and social level, and on the options chosen to resolve students' problems.

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Council assignements


The Council has an initiative function by proposing topics to be discussed at meetings.

​Information and presence on the ground

The Coucil members listen to the problems of the student community.

Participation in AGL activities and projects

The Council elects a Committee on the basis of a ticket submitted and presented during the meeting.

Files monitoring

It exercises a political function and monitors the files handled by the AGL.

Council powers

  • Approval and modification of the statutes of the AGL
  • Appointment, dismissal and discharge of Committee members
  • Appointment of external agents
  • Control of the Committee and external agents
  • The definition of the general orientations of the actions of the AGL
  • Approval and monitoring of accounts and budgets
  • Voluntary dissolution of the association

Council minutes

The various documents voted on during the AGL Councils are available here​ ! If any are missing, you can always request it by email at