The committee

True spokesperson for the AGL and the students of UCLouvain, he represents the executive institution. It is made up of about fifteen students, appointed by the Council for one year, based on a program, and meets once a week. 


Bilan des comités des années précédentes

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Découvrir les comités des années précédentes

Committee assignments

Daily management of the AGL

Implementation of Council decisions

Coordination of student representation

Contact with other student groups

Coordination of projects led by the AGL

Committee members

(1) Adélie Pirlot


 +32 476 94 16 26 

(2) Lucie Nicosia

General secretary 

 +32 493 12 17 88

(3) Aurore Duquesne

Vice-President Education

(4) Fiorile Michaux

Vice President Inclusivity

(5) Priscillia Kayoka

Co-Vice-President Social

(6) Gilles Meurant

Co-Vice-PrésCo-Vice-President Socialident Sociale

(7) Alexandru Tudor Boborodea

Co-Vice-president Ecological Transition

(8) Sebastian Venmans

Co-Vice-président Transition Écologique

(9) Thibaut Doyen

Communications Manager

(10) Chloe Ladowski

Responsable Communication

(10) Alessia Lebrun

Social Openness Manager

(12) Sarah Radermecker

Responsable Étudiant·es Internationaux·ales