Legal dispositions

Below you will find all the legal, statutory and regulatory references:

Legal dispositions

The following rules are enacted by the Federal State or the French Community of Belgium:

Participation decree

Decree of the French Community of Belgium of September 21, 2012 relating to student participation and representation in higher education

It is this legal text that establishes student participation in the faculty and university bodies of the French Community. Before June 2003 - date of the first version of this decree - the participation of students in the various decision-making bodies of universities was not compulsory, but depended on the good will of the university authorities. Currently, thanks to this decree, each decision-making body must be composed of at least 20% of students (25% for teaching bodies).

Consult the law on the financing and control of university institutions

Law on UCLouvain and ULB

Law of 12 August 1911 granting legal personality to the "Catholic University of Louvain — Katholieke Universiteit te Leuven", to the "Free University of Brussels" and to the "Vrije Universiteit Brussel", and authorizing the "Catholic University of Louvain — Katholieke Universiteit te Leuven” to create a French-language university and a Dutch-language university, as modified by the law of May 28, 1970 and the decree of March 31, 2004.

This law gave legal personality to UCL and ULB; they therefore have a special legal status (like the FPMs), which is neither that of a state university (ULg and UMons), nor that of an ASBL (UNamur and Saint-Louis University).

Consult the law on UCLouvain and ULB

​Landscape decree

Decree of the Wallonia-Brussels federation of 18 December 2013 defining the landscape of higher education and the academic organization of studies

It is via this text that the geographical poles and the ARES have been implemented in the French Community; it therefore gives fairly complete details of the various aspects of the organization of studies (baccalaureate, master's, doctorate, etc.).

Consulter le décret paysage

Financing Act

Law of 27 July 1971 on the financing and control of university institutions

Consulter la loi sur le financement

Statutory provisions

In any association, the articles of association are the basic rules by which it operates:

Wallonia-Brussels Academy

Statutes of the Académie universitaire Wallonie-Bruxelles

Consult the statutes

Louvain Academy

Agreement establishing the "Louvain" University Academy.

Consulter la convention

Wallonia-Europe Academy

Framework agreement between the Université de Liège and the Faculté universitaire des Sciences agronomiques de Gembloux governing relations within the Academy.

Consulter la convention

Regulatory provisions

Here are some other provisions governing the operation of our institution:

Charters : 

Charter of commitment to sustainable development

Consult the charter

Provisions specific to the AGL : 

Other regulations : 

Academic regulations and procedures [FR]

Consult the RGEE

Academic regulations and procedures [EN]

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