Student Educational Initiative Fund (FIPE)

The FIPE is a fund made available to help set up projects of an educational nature. The aim of this fund is to support student projects relating to university teaching, in the sense of learning that is challenged, concretized, facilitated or made more active to enable students to be their own actors in their academic training. The FIPE has a budget of around €7,000 per term. This amount may vary according to the number of requests, and is in principle limited to €2500 per project.

Projects will be auditioned during the committee's deliberations. Successful students will also have the opportunity to present their project, once completed, to the university community.

The FIPE award committee is made up of six members: three students elected by the AGL council, two representatives of the academic body and the director of the Louvain Learning Lab. Grants are awarded once every quadrimestre.

Please note that since FIPE projects must be a partnership between students and teachers, both signatures are required on the application.

Please note that the FIPE subsidy is not an annuity automatically allocated to an entity from year to year.

 FIPE grant regulations  Document to be co-signed with the academic supervisor

Criteria and conditions

  • Questioning, concretizing, making learning at university more active and/or easier.
  • Have the support of one or more teachers who receive the initiative as part of one or more courses.
  • To take place during the calendar year in which the request for support was submitted, or during the academic year following this submission.
  • Be linked to the course objectives and integrated into the course framework.
  • Do not exceed a support request of €2,500


Some examples of projects financed by FIPE

Visite CEPMR à Soissons

La chair des textes


Proceedings 2023-2024

Applications must be received no later than 11.59 pm on Tuesday November 21, 2023 for the first four-month period and no later than 11.59 pm on Thursday March 21, 2023 for the second four-month period.

Support is reimbursed on presentation of invoices and tickets, accompanied by an expense form (downloadable from the AGL website). Please keep them and send them to the LLL secretariat - 54, Grand'Rue, B-1348 Louvain-La-Neuve - as soon as possible.

FIPE grant application form

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