The social commission

Social issues are many and varied. Defending students in this area is one of the pillars of the AGL. Social issues include the democratisation of the university, welcoming students, enrolment, information and guidance, accommodation, the cost of living, student jobs, individualised social assistance, student activities, sport, health, university restaurants, discrimination, etc.

We still face enormous challenges in democratising our university and making it an emancipating place where everyone can enjoy living and studying! The AGL intends to defend an ambitious social programme. It must act as a driving force, capable of advancing the social policy of our university.

The AGL is represented on a number of University bodies where social issues are regularly on the agenda. In particular, it is a member of the Social and Student Affairs Council (CASE) and a member of a number of working and discussion groups with a wide range of partners. In this way, it makes the student voice heard.

The AGL also runs its own projects and discussions on social issues and access to university through its social committee. It works on a wide range of issues (housing, prices of course materials, social aid, resto U, grants, student jobs, etc.) and also seeks to carry out in-depth work by collecting data.

Membres of commission

If you are interested in teaching issues, want to give your opinion on them, want to get involved in projects or come up with new ideas, or simply want more information, please contact :

Gilles Meurant

Vice-Président Social

Priscillia Kayoka

Vice-Présidente Social