Ethics charter of the AGL agent

At the beginning of their mandate(s), the various agents of the AGL, whether they are advisers, external or internal agents, are invited by the Presidency of the Council to adhere to this Charter. Membership is done via the formula:

"I undertake to exercise my mandate in the general interest and in compliance with this Charter".

By this, the agents undertake to respect, in the exercise of their mandate, whatever it may be, the following principles:

A. General interest and service to students

1. Exercise their mandate(s) with probity and loyalty.

2. Consider their mandate(s) not as a reward or a status, but as a voluntary service to the community.

3. Stay tuned to students.

​4. Respect the decisions made by the AGL.

B. Wholeness

5. Specify whether they are acting in their own name or on behalf of the AGL they represent, particularly when sending mail (postal and electronic).

6. Respect the fundamental principles relating to human dignity.

7. Remain critical and exercise independence in the event of favour, invitation or advantage as a representative of the LGA, which could influence the impartiality with which they exercise their functions.

8. Declare any personal interest in the files being examined as part of the mandate and, if applicable, abstain from participating in the deliberation.

C. Liability

9. Report regularly on how they exercise their mandate(s).

10. Regularly participate in the meetings of the LGA bodies as well as in the meetings in which they are required to participate due to their mandate(s).

11. Properly prepare for these meetings, in particular by reading the documents that are sent with the agendas.

12. Fully assume. That is to say with motivation, punctuality, availability and rigor their mandate(s).

D. Professionalism

13. Adopt a proactive approach, both individually and collectively, with a view to ensuring good governance and the credibility of the AGL.

14. Seek the information necessary for the proper exercise of their mandate(s) and participate in the training sessions offered to the agents of the AGL.

15. Familiarize yourself with the statutes of the AGL