The Education Commission

The Teaching Committee, or ComEns to its friends, is responsible for the AGL's thinking and action in the field of teaching. It deals with a variety of issues such as support for success, teaching methods, assessments, critical thinking in courses, etc.

The ComEns is chaired by a committee chairperson. The Vice-President Education of the AGL is the link between the ComEns and the Committee.

The AGL is also represented on a number of university bodies dealing with teaching issues: the Academic Council (CAC), which deals with the broad lines of research and teaching, the Teaching and Training Council (CEFO), which deals specifically with teaching, and other working groups and committees dealing with very specific subjects such as study premises, critical thinking and citizenship, etc.

The commission's projects

Improving success

The AGL encourages greater success, particularly through tutoring, because it enables everyone to catch up and succeed, whatever their background.

Critical thinking and citizenship

The AGL has always tried to encourage critical thinking and citizenship in university education. In the past, we worked a lot on meta-meta courses. Now, we are working mainly to introduce an interdisciplinary course on the societal issues of the 21st century. We are also trying to encourage critical thinking in all courses.

Rights and duties

The General Regulations governing Studies and Examinations (RGEE) contain a large number of rights and duties for students, especially during examination periods. Every effort must be made to ensure that these regulations are as favourable as possible to students. The AGL also has a legal appeals service for problems with UCLouvain.

Members of the commission

Aurore Duquesne

Vice-Présidente Enseignement