Student election charter

By submitting their application, candidates agree to abide by this Charter. Candidates sign up to the Charter by submitting the form. By adhering to this Charter, the candidate undertakes to respect the following principles during the election campaign :

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General interest and service to students :

  • Campaign with probity and loyalty; 
  • Listening to students;
  • Comply with the electoral regulations and the decisions taken by the electoral commission.

Integrity :

  • Distinguish between its AGL responsibilities, if any, and the election campaign. This ensures that the AGL is neutral in what it says and in its infrastructure;
  • Respect the fundamental principles of human dignity;
  • Respect people during debates and focus the debate on ideas;
  • Respect the neutral campaign in both its application and its spirit.

Responsibility :

  • ​Take full responsibility for your application, i.e. with motivation, punctuality, availability and thoroughness;
  • Encourage students to take part in the electoral process for at least two hours, by putting up posters or visiting auditoriums.

  • Be prepared to act as AGL advisor, faculty advisor or site advisor, member of the general coordination of international students.
  • Hold the polling station and its responsibilities in relation to the neutral campaign, as provided for in the electoral regulations and in compliance with their provisions.

Professionalism :

  • Adopt a proactive approach, both individually and collectively, with a view to ensuring a pleasant campaign for everyone;
  • Encourage students to take part in publicising elections, and not just to publicise a particular list or person;
  • Make respectful and reasonable use of social networks and any other means of election propaganda.